Cheryl’s Experience

Recent Examples:

  • The Mary Aikenhead Ministries – strategic plan development and implementation of their master brand strategy
  • Douwe Egberts Coffee & Tea – researched and developed their internal communications strategy, working with HR Director
  • Huggies (Kimberley-Clark Australia) with Ogilvy & Mather team for over 7 years as Strategic Planner
  • Cerebos planning involvement with brand team on Riva, Gravox and Fountain brands
  • Nutricia Australia and New Zealand with Fame Advertising team
  • Morton Design & Brand Consultants on a Swift & Moore NPD project and Sanitarium core product redesign

Corporate Role: 1999-Sept 2004:

Marketing Director for the Baking Division of George Weston Foods (Australia/NZ).

  • Managing a strong marketing team delivering strategic plans, budgets, and activities for brands such as Tip Top, Noble Rise, Burgen, & Golden, Ryvita and Top Taste cake.
  • Key member of the Company Management Team responsible for contributing to major growth and profit strategic initiatives during her 6 year tenure with GWF.

Previous Experience: 1993-1999:

  • 1994-1999: Yum Restaurants International as Marketing Director in roles across KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell in Australia & NZ.
  • 1993: Marketing Director at Who Weekly Magazine (Time Warner Group).
  • 1983-1992: Unilever’s personal care division, Lever Rexona. This included a 3 year ex-patriation to Elida Gibbs in London and 9 months at J.Walter Thompson Sydney on an advertising cadetship.

Qualifications/Education/Special Skills:

  • Bachelor of Commerce, major in Marketing, NSW University.

Numerous courses attended, including:

  • The MGSM Strategic Management Programme
  • Advanced Four Quadrant Leadership (Wilf Jarvis) Programme.
  • New Director Course, Australian Institute of Company Directors (2000)
  • Leadership in the Boardroom, AICD (2012)
  • Company Director’s Course, AICD Scholarship recipient (2013)

Professional Memberships:

  • AICD
  • Associate Fellow Australian Marketing Institute (AFAMI)
  • CPM (Certified Practitioner of Marketing)
  • Committee member of the AANA advertisng practice group and Effies Judge
  • Committee role on the AFA Awards committee
  •  Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN)
  • Graduate, AICD (GAICD)
  • International Coaching Federation, Australia

Further Industry Experience:

  1. Founding member, & former Vice President of Marketing Women Association, responsible for marketing women mentoring programmes and networking events, since July 1997. A NFP organisation which was designed to provide networking opportunities within a disciplined and trained environment for young marketing women.
  2. Numerous speaking and Chairing roles at conferences: including The AMI National Conference; the AFR Advertising Summit; FMCG Conference; AMI Qld Conference; CEASA, and Kids Food Conference 2005 and Chair of Kids Power 2006.
  3. Former Chair of the Marketing and Communications Board for Go Grains, which exists to promote the uptake of grain product usage amongst Australians.
  4. Lecturer in “Undertake Marketing Activities” module at Sydney TAFE, Ultimo.
  5. Mentor and occasional Webinar Trainer for HerBusiness (formerly the Australian Businesswomen’s Network) – Marketing for Small Business Course.
  6. Mentor, Women on Boards, and Supervisor, Next Generation Women Business Leader’s


Existing Company Directorships:

  • NED Clover Corporation (ASX-Listed)
  • NED Houston’s Farm
  • NED A.I.F.S.T (Aust Institute of Food, Science and Technology)
  • NED Peer Support Australia
  • NED Advisory Board Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN)

Previous Company Directorships:

  • Non-Executive Director, JIMACO Ltd (Jewellery Industry Management Agency Co) – Public, limited by membership
  • Non-Executive Board Director of St John (NSW)
  • Non-Executive Board Director, Basketball Australia
  • Non-Executive Director, International Grammar School


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