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Tip No. 1: Remember ‘AIDA’

By Cheryl Hayman, Hayman Strategy

In the next series of my blogs I thought I’d run a series called Tips of the Trade.

This first tip is for those people thinking about their next piece of advertising or similar marketing collateral. This might take the form of a print ad, a radio spot, some local press, a newsletter, or even the front of your new brochure.

AIDA stands for- Attention. Interest. Desire. Action.

 The Attention part is the banner or headline that makes an impressive benefit promise.

Interest builds information in an interesting way, usually meaning that this must relate closely to the way that the reader thinks about the issues concerned.

If you seek a response you must move then to create Desire, which relates benefits to the reader so that they will want them.

Finally you must prompt an Action, which may be to call a telephone number or to complete and send of a reply coupon. Advertising that does not prompt action is a wasted opportunity.

Your main message must be the most prominent.

Do not be tempted to devote 50% of the space to a striking picture or a quote from Shakespeare. The biggest part of the advert must be your main benefit statement. This is the part that entices the reader to read on.

Offer a single impressive benefit, quickly and simply. Research proves that where responses are required, the best adverts are those which offer an impressive, relevant benefit to the reader.

Think about the vocabulary and language you use; know your target audience: a simple test is to avoid any words or grammar that would not be found in the newspaper that the target group would read.

Your message must be quick and easy to absorb.

Be new and original with your offer and set yourself apart from your competitors. Emphasise your point of difference. This means you must know who these competitors are, and objectively analyse their techniques and offers to set your brand or business apart from them.

If you think about these things the next time you’re drafting copy then you will end up with a special piece of marketing material that will make you proud and, more importantly, provide some traction for your business.

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