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Career Advice – Top 5 pieces of advice for a Career in Marketing

Hi, I’m Cheryl Hayman and I am the MD of Hayman Strategy. I have spent the past 26 years enjoying a career as a Senior Marketing executive, in multinational consumer goods companies, and more recently consulting to them on strategic marketing and branding in my own consultancy. I also provide mentoring and training.

Marketing is all about determining the needs of consumers/customers and matching those needs with products and services a company can deliver for the right perceived value. Branding is the key marketing asset for any company and as such a brand needs to be carefully crafted and created to embody the customer promise and meet, or ideally exceed, expectations at every engagement with its user.

So for those considering a career as a Marketing Executive, here are the Top 5 pieces of career advice I can give you;

1. Be prepared to work hard and understand the objectives in your role, and the need to hit those for progression and success. Be patient and get the job done. Marketing people have to be results driven. Expect to be measured against achievement of the businesses goals as well as the marketing strategies (including budget management).

2. Try to work for great leaders/managers from whom you can draw many in-field skills: the interpersonal and the technical skills. Find yourself a mentor and utilize their advice and guidance as you need it. Reflect some executive maturity in your dealings with people at all times.

3. Listen, analyse, listen again and harness this learning into your personal skillset. There is a constant need to listen to your consumers but it doesn’t stop there. There is always valuable insight within an organization both from more experienced managers in the office and out in the field. (eg sales people, plant managers etc)

4. A Marketing person has to be like Octopus. You have to draw upon the expertise of many, cobble it together, ensure it works for your consumer, and finesse it accordingly along the way. Being able to juggle many balls, and get the best out of a diverse group of individuals requires major co-ordination and relationship capabilities.

5. Action-oriented: You must be focused on the achievement of results. Marketing is a fast-paced and contemporary industry so those who succeed have the ability to act swiftly to meet trends in competitive marketplaces. The best marketing executives find solutions at every turn, rather than presenting problems.

Follow these pearls of wisdom and you won’t go far wrong. Good luck with your career development and if you need further information go to

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